Dear Editors,

I’ve some concerns pertaining to protocols in school. My little one who is in primary one was constantly poked by her classmate with pencils which left marks on her arms. I called up her teacher to inform her of the incidents to which her teacher inform me she’ll make some changes in the seating arrangement. True to her words, some swops were made the following day. However, she had told my daughter not to inform me subsequently!

My mum who usually picks my daughter up from the bus bay was chatting with another parent who also recounted similar advise recently. Her boy fell and injured his back and head due to a prank that was played on him in class. He was also told not to inform his parents.

I hope MOE know that it is important that an open communication must be maintained by the parent and child so that appropriate counsel and care could be taken by parents. Such advise would result in the child keeping mum in the event of bullying! maybe that could be the reason why the recent bullying that was widely circulated in the social.media came about because the child had been advised against informing his parents.

I would want to hear MOE’s view on this.

Catherine Goh
A.S.S. Contributor

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