Dear Editors,

My friend son was enrolled Springfield Sec Sch last year, bullies kicked and punch during sec 1, some victims suffered in silent, but my friend brought this up to the principal and what they did was suspend the bully! Justice not addressed n victim continues to go school with fear!

This year things escalated to next level, the bullies actually punched my friend son’s head twice, unfortunately no witness n that bully of course denied then case closed, despite my friend reported to police n even filed magistrate complain!

This time round 3 bullies beat up this malay boy and the poor boy was in fear n helpless, luckily the school security saw this and shouted them to stop! Cant imagine if no one see this, what will be the consequences! This is really getting outrageous!

In the 90s, bullies were pull up stage n was given public canning, but now no more public canning, look, what happen to them! Getting better? I dont think so! The kids in Springfield Sec can actually talk back to teacher n nothing was done, resulted atrocious manner from the bullies.

The most outrageous thing was the bully’s parent don even dare show their face, is always thru school conveying message! Parents should responsible for their children action , they are too ashame of what their kids have done? We should stop all these bullying case, but what the school say was give them some time, the kids will grow up and we have to be patience!

My goodness , then what about the victims?continue to get beaten up n go school in fear? WE WANT JUSTICE! GOT TO REDRESS FOR THE VICTIMS!

Upset Parent
A.S.S. Contributor

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