First, I would like thank everyone for your time to answer questions. I’m Indian, living here since 2002 (13+ years), married on 2011 and now have a daughter. I have applied PR for wife and daughter for 3 times and they were rejected.

First time for wife on 2012 , took 8 months, got rejection letter. Second time for wife and daughter 2014, took more than 8 months, got rejection letter. Third time for wife and daughter May 2015, took just 3 months, got rejection letter.

Reply says that “your family continue to stay on existing pass”. My wife is not working as she takes care of my daughter. Other than that, my track record is good like rest in terms of tax, CPF, community services, volunteer services and CC member since 2012.

I studied in Singapore Poly in 2005 and NTU 2009 for master and decided to call Singapore as home, willing to apply SC for family. Technically, my wife and daughter having non-PR status are blocking my application for SC. I have applied one time but got rejected.

I understand immigration policy will change over time and getting approval is based on prevailing condition at that time. But as human, this induces alot of soul searching like I can’t form a family here like others. People I knew who have migrated here in 2008 became PR and form their own family nucleus.

I’m sure, I’m missing something in my application. Could you please, someone who has same experience or have knowledge about it advise me?

Can I appeal on the recent PR rejection? Thanks again.


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