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If you read today’s Straits Times you may read the headlines that TPP has passed. So what is TPP? TPP is know the trans-pacific partnership a ‘free trade agreement’ that 12 countries who is responsible for 40% of the world economy, is participating. These countries are Brunei, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Japan,Malaysia ,Mexico ,Peru, United States of America, Vietnam and Singapore.

Ok so it is a free trade agreement so what? If it is only about trading I would not alarmed about this deal. Lets go in and find out what is bad about the deal, shall we?

The follow part covers the Intellectual property proportion.
Intellectual Property
Under intellectual property(IP for short) section H.The following were found.

Each Party shall provide legal incentives [CA propose:238] for online service providers to cooperate with [MX propose: authorities or] copyright owners or [AU/NZ/ oppose: otherwise] [AU/NZ propose: in the alternative to] {help} / {take action} to deter the unauthorized storage and transmission of copyrighted materials [MX propose: in accordance to the national legislation of each Party]. Source-Wikileaks

Remember Dallas buyers club? People were accusing their ISP of giving away their information to the copyright holder which is an invasion of privacy. With this bill in place copyright holders will have the rights to check who is downloading/streaming their entertainment illegally. Admit it many people especially the technology advance youngster understands while it is wrong to do so, they still download their form of entertainment illegally with no penalties what so ever(Dallas Buyers club case was an exception). With this your ISP will be willing to give your information to corporations if the corporations suspect you have been downloading your stuff illegally.

Each Party shall provide limitations in its law on the {liability of239, or [AU oppose: the {availability of {[CA/CL oppose: monetary]] [AU propose: scope of] remedies [CL propose:240]} against, online service providers [CA oppose: {acting as [AU oppose: neutral] intermediaries}241] for copyright infringements that they do not control, initiate, or direct, and that take place through systems or networks controlled or operated by them or on their behalf.242 [PE propose:243] [CA propose:244] – Source-Wikileaks
What this means is that the ISP will be forced to impose certain measure to prevent copyright infringements or be smack with a lawsuit.
This opens up the possibility for the following measures.

· Three-strikes policies and laws that require Internet intermediaries to terminate their users’ Internet access on repeat allegations of copyright infringement

· Requirements for Internet intermediaries to filter all Internet communications for potentially copyright-infringing material

· ISP obligations to block access to websites that allegedly infringe or facilitate copyright infringement

In addition to this enforcement of copyright could be extremely damaging to free speech because it makes open platforms for user generated content like mothership, all Singapore Stuff etc. economically untenable. This is extremely devasting as these websites could be hit with copyright blocks (Especially to shut out opposition) because of a single picture of Lee Hsien Loong.

Thus posts all post will require to be heavily monitored at all times(which is very expensive) to prevent someone from posting a imgur link to a copyright material. This can be easily abused by any government to censor freedom of speech on the Internet.


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