Dear Editors,

Sengkang Public Library, located at Compass Point, will be closed for 1 year or more because the entire shopping mall will be closed for renovation during that period.

It is not very right to close the entire shopping mall (together with the library), as the shopping mall serves as a central for Sengkang residents, in the likes of Toa Payoh Central, Ang Mo Kio Central, Bedok Central etc. The function of such shopping malls is more than just a frivolous shopping mall as they are meant to serve the needs of residents. This is especially when such shopping malls are built in newer housing estates to replace Centrals (as per those in older housing estates) as it takes up less land space.

The library and some services provided by the mall serve some important needs for Sengkang residents. I have a young son who would like to borrow books frequently for reading. How about other students, as well as adults and elders, who like to spend time at the library to study or read? So now, in order to borrow/return books from library as well as for other important services provided by the mall, residents will have to commute some distance to next nearest places to meet their needs. This is very inconvenient for some residents, especially those with young children or the elderly. Some residents got to Compass Point almost everyday for their daily errands.

They could at least keep the shopping mall partially closed so the library and some important services are still provided at the mall during the renovation. Shopping malls that serve as centrals for their residents should not be allowed to be closed entirely for a prolonged period of time. And the closure of Compass Point for renovation is not even announced by the mall. Residents found out by word-of-mouth from the shops staff. Can you imagine if the entire Toa Payoh Central is closed for 1 year or more for renovation?! How would Toa Payoh residents feel?

Unhappy Sengkang resident
A.S.S. Contributor

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