Following a spate of hepatitis C infections among patients warded at the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) this year, an anonymous blogger on SPH’s blog portal,, has come out to share his relative’s ordeal of being infected by hepatitis C after staying in SGH last year.

The blogger claims that his relative had visited SGH last year February for a renal transplant, where the relative was warded in ward 64, one of the wards where the current outbreak took place, instead of the usual ward 42 meant for renal patients. This was because ward 42 was under renovation.

The family of the patient received a big shock when during the stay at the hospital, the blogger’s relative was diagnosed with hepatitis C. As the relative was taking other medications which conflicted with the treatment for hepatitis C, she could not receive any medication that could help her fight off the infection.

The relative survived within an inch of her life, but still has the hepatitis C strain in her body. She has also developed other more serious medical conditions like anemia that continue to plague her.

Initially, the blogger had not known where the hepatitis infection stemmed from, but now realizes that the “real problem” lies in his relative’s admission into the same ward where the outbreak took place.

The blogger has called on the Ministry of Health to investigate cases dating to 2014 and to force SGH to tell the truth.

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