You know race has always been a funny thing for me. I am indian and i will always tell people that i am indian, but sometimes i feel i fail as an indian.

Let me explain, I am 1/4 Chinese, my grandmother is Chinese but was adopted by an indian family because back then they didn’t want Chinese girls or whatever.

Also we were raised Catholic in fact my uncle is a catholic priest, like seriously not fucking kidding haha. Anyway my parents thought it would be a good idea for me to take Chinese an a second language that i failed ALL the time but hey at least i can speak Chinese, I picked up Malay from friends.

When people ask me what i am i say Singaporean then indian. I feel i failed as an indian because i learnt Chinese, in school my friends were mostly Chinese, i mean they are the majority race but also because when they split up the class for mother-tongue lessons i stayed with the Chinese peeps.

Again i am not ashamed of being indian but i just feel that having the CMINO (chinese,malay,indian,others) race classification is stupid. There are also many interracial marriages in Singapore, i really don’t think we ALL fit into neat racial categories.

We should learn to see ourselves as Singaporean first!

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