In a press release today, the Ministry of Education (MOE) has announced that it will be replacing Shuqun Secondary School principal Mr Chia Hai Siang with effect from Thursday (8th Oct). Mr N Sivarajan, the current vice-principal of Northland Secondary School will take over as principal-designate and will be officially take over as principal on January 2016.

Shuqun Secondary School gained online infamy when a video taken in one of its classrooms showed a student bullying 2 others. The video was featured on A.S.S. Facebook page.

According to MOE, Mr Chia Hai Siang will be pursuing his postgraduate studies after leaving his appointment at Shuqun.

MOE wrote: “The process of systematically appointing and rotating principals allows schools to benefit from the infusion of fresh perspectives and enables experienced principals to share best practices in support of ‘Every School, a Good School’.”

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