41-year-old Graffart Philippe Marcel Guy was charged in court this morning for the murder of his 5-year-old son, Graffart Keryan Gabriel Cedric.

Police found the 5 year-old’s motionless body in his father’s home at the D’Leedon condominium in Farrer Road. at about 6AM on Tuesday. Hand shaped bruises were found all over the child’s neck.

Earlier that morning, police found Graffart wandering near Bukit Timah Neighborhood Police Center. When police conducted a check at his home, they came across the heart breaking discovery.

Investigators believe that Graffart committed the murder sometime between 8.54pm on Monday and 5.29am on Tuesday,

Showing up in court today dressed in a black T-shirt and blue shorts, Graffart did not give any plea to his charges. He looked dazed and tired

Graffart is the head of the Singapore investment management arm of Nordea, one of the largest financial groups in northern Europe.

He had been involved in a custody battle for the boy with his former wife. According to the Straits Times, the father and son shared a loving relationship based on the posts on his Facebook profile.

A post dated Aug 24 showed Graffart taking his child to a fire station. He had posted then: “It is so good to finally see you, my son.”

A few days later, he put up a picture showing him embracing Keryan at the Canadian International School. The boy, dressed in his school uniform, was pictured beaming widely.

He wrote: “I am very proud of you Keryan, you are a big boy now.”

The court has sent Graffart for psychiatric observation at Changi Prison.

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