Dear Editors,

I’ve a disturbing news with regards to SGH doctors. My sister in-law is a renal patient for 8 years only to receive a kidney transplant in May this year. They prescribe strong dosage of medicines even steroid which causes her to have hepatitis C, turning her body yellow.

3 weeks ago she was admitted to SGH for fever and ended up being ward for that whole duration. During her stay, the doctor highlighted that she needs to be checked for her lungs and liver etc. Last Saturday, we were notified that her lungs were affected and she is having severe infection, lastly we’re told that the new kidney has been rejected by her body and has to be removed.

The kidney was removed last Sunday and we were told that the kidney was black in colour. She was then transferred to SICU and her conditions drops to the extend of no hope.

Earlier this afternoon, the nurses, removed her dialysis machine but keep infusing her with solutions,which causes her body to be bloated. Lastly, we have been told that they will be proceeding with autopsy to determine the cause of death.

Wow. The doctors which has insisted that she is having pneumonia now are unsure of her illness. Are they telling us that all this while they have been pumping medicines without proper diagnosis??

She passed away at 0120hrs on August 26,2015

Mann Bhai
A.S.S. Contributor

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