A 33 year old Singaporean man was found guilty of sending threatening messages to PM Lee Hsien Loong on Facebok. Tan Yeong Hong sent four threatening messages to PM Lee. He said: “Eh, you challenged me to visit your MPS but you are not here. I will find and stage an attack on you when I have information on your public appearances. You know who I am”. After the threats, a Manager from the Prime Minister’s Office made a police report the next day.

Tan had apparently became frustrated after he went to an MPS session in PM Lee’s Ang Mo Kio ward in June this year and found out that PM Lee would not be attending. He included his NRIC number and handphone number in his threatening Facebook messages.

Police investigation revealed that Tan lived at Blk 108 Hougang Ave 1. His father was in an old folks home while his mother was in the hospital. Tan’s parents when interviewed informed police that their son was a violent man who always armed himself with a knife.

During the police raid, Tan punched a policeman and elbowed another in the face but was eventually subdued and taken into custody. During a search of Tan’s home, dangerous weapons including choppers, knives and a hammer was found. Police also found a list of PM Lee’s upcoming public appearances.

Psychiatric reports presented by DPP Andre Chong show that Tan suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and it played “a large contributory role in his offending behavior”. However, he was not of unsound mind and is fit for Court.

In Court, Tan apologised for “the childish act” and asked for a light sentence because his mother has had knee surgery and is father is a stroke patient.

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