Dear Editors,

The man in the photo Wong Hxxx Mxxx is married with a wife but has girlfriends and sugar babes. He asked girl in the photo out on a paid date. On the date, girl refuses his sexual advances, he molested her by removing her bra strap and pinching her nipples in locked car. But refused to pay her for date fee agreed upfront.

He locked her in his car and drove to the nearby police station. When she stepped out of the car, he pinned her down to the ground and attacked her. Her limbs were bruised and face bleeding. He later ask to mediate by compensating her in return for not pressing charges. But after she signed on the “agreement” paper, he coined excuses such as no bank token, has daily withdrawal limit, phone no SIM card etc to not stick to the terms of agreement.

I’m the friend of this girl. Pls publicise this so there won’t be any victims cheated by this guy anymore ! Best thing is, police actually advice the girl to mediate and settle with Wong, so they won’t have to take statements and send for IO.

More work done, and before anyone realises , all three police officers are off duty before they check if the mediation is carried out dutifully.

In the end, guy took Advantage of the situation. He made the victim sign an agreement letter not to press charges, then find some excuse to go home to take bank token and of course, never stick to his part of the agreement on compensation. Please publicise such a scammer!

Derrick Goh
A.S.S. Contributor

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