Dear Editors,

I made an online delivery order with KFC and to my delightful surprise, I received a brown bag containing my dinner along with a hand written note at my doorstep. Someone from KFC wrote this on my brown bag:”people who love to eat always the best people! – Julid child have a nice day! – kfc JMP”

I would like to thank this person for such a pleasant surprise which made my meal even more enjoyable than it already would have been. I am privileged to have been served by such a creative employee at KFC and do hope that KFC continues to employ such legendary personalities.

Employee of the month/year should without a doubt go to this person and I’m hoping KFC will contact me to let me know if this person has been deservingly rewarded for exceeding his/her professional responsibilities! What an impressionable unique experience with KFC in Singapore!

Geraldine Goh
A.S.S. Contributor

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