Dear Editor,

I hope you can (as Singapore’s only free and unedited media outlet) allow me to express my sheer disgust and disappointment as a Potong Pasir resident, not only at this video of a morally decadent couple: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8v6faoNfJo
Going after every bit of meat thrown by the pap but also at the 16% of swing voters!

I grew up in 120 Potong Pasir and was very proud of my town’s heritage being only 1 of 2 wards constantly held by the opposition. Though we do not have much amenities but we have something no one could ever take from us, our pride and dignity or as I so thought! We often scorned at the other 82 wards for having the “not in my backyard” herd mentality of voting pap at every GE while expecting our MP and Mr Low Thia Khiang to do wonders for them in parliament. Whenever there was an unpopular policy, it became ours and Hougang’s burden to bear and voice it out at the other 82 whites in a “rubber stamp parliament and istana”.

I attended St Andrew’s School in the area and was hoodwinked into the christian faith which I have left as it became very uncomfortable to be hearing christian pastors involving themselves in politics and being the unofficial canvass points for pap support in their respective areas. I furthermore, cannot understand how when both parliament and cabinet is 3 quarters occupied by christians yet we can have the most oppressive regime comparable with the CCP in China, Russia and North Korea which admires and loves ‘learning’ from our system.

Something is not quite right here as pastors often proclaim ‘liberty’ but the truth is quite opposite. On the other hand, I am comfortable with my parent’s Buddhist faith which teaches me Karma by reaping what you sow and monks do not involve themselves in politics either. Even when they do https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIvQhktoLtw it is to liberate sentient beings from their sufferings as evident in Myanmar’s current freedoms that was exchanged with the blood of the monks.

Now back to the moral corruption part, I wonder how on earth can Potong Pasireans do this to the Chiams who have faithfully served us for 32 years with Mrs Lina Chiam being the 2nd most pressing MP in parliament for the last 5 years though she does not have to do so. Where have your conscience gone? Eaten by the pappies who lured you into the trap with their pieces of meat? In your current enjoyment now remember, you will reap the seeds you sow and you will come to realize it for the next 5 years and when Uncle Chiam passes away in solitude. The man who has spoken up and defended your rights for the past 27 years and what has he given up? His health!

Dex Lee
A.S.S. Contributor

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