Salam ASS Editor,

I visited one of the pap’s Marine Parade branches in MacPherson and was taken aback to see a queue of about a hundred forming after 6pm (I arrived to q at 5pm) and got an early number. I am surprised because of the fact pap had a vote share of 70℅ and the prime minister said it is due to his party’s ‘right policies’ that led to ‘lessening’ many of the country’s problems. But the queue this evening just does not tally with what the pm claimed and I wonder how the pap managed to obtain so many votes (besides fraud).

When it came to the turn of a young man around my age to see a grassroots leader to type the case, I was then shocked to see the grassroots leader who was wearing his party shirt, taunting the young guy whom he accused of being a WP member, saying he had photos to prove so.

Now, it has been barely a month since elections concluded and the pap’s horn and tails are already protruding 1 by 1, from raising the fees of their own centres to SBS ‘requesting’ the government to raise transport fees despite pledges not to do so until at least Jan 2016.

It this what the people truly want? What about the conduct letter pm Lee issued to all his MPs ‘reminding’ them to be ‘humble’ in victory? Indeed in the words of Mrs Lina Chiam, trying times lie ahead for native Singaporeans, especially for the WP members and we can only suck thumb and start repenting for the next 5 years!

A.S.S. Contributor

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