I got a phone call from an ex-colleague who first told me about earning commission by signing phone contracts. He referred me to another victim who got the mastermind scammer to contact me.

The scammer told me that to earn commission, I had to sign phone contracts and passed the phones to him and he will get a third party to cancel the contracts in office. I trusted him and by sheer desperation after losing my job, I agreed and went with him to sign 2 contracts with Singtel, 2 from Starhub and 1 from m1 with max plans with the phones coming in for free. It is a total of 5 contracts amounting to about $1000 a month with about $3000 for early termination fee for each contract I signed. All were iPhone 6s Plus 128 gb Rose Gold which he took to sell. He gave me $200 as commission for each phone I signed.

This fella assured me he will get them canceled for me and told me to wait 5 working days to process. I managed to stay in contact with him during that period but after 5 working days, the contracts are still not canceled. Only then I had a feeling that I had been scammed but that scammer had disappeared out of reach. I am now left with massive contract debts which i cannot afford to pay. I then started contacting the ex-colleague who introduced me to this offer only then I confirmed it is a scam as he told me I am not the only person who complained to him. Many victims already did. He told me to make a police report otherwise more victims will fall into the scam as well.

I had thought about making a police report but my father advised against it. He told me if I do so, I will be charged by the law and go to prison as well for collaborating with him. He told me to just ‘sucked it up’ and pay the massive bills which i surely can’t afford. I am at no wits’ end and even contemplating ending my life! What is the best I should do to get it resolve?

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