I am raising this issue for everyone’s awareness, especially for those with elderly parents or grandparents using smart phones.

My 70-year old mother uses a non-smart phone, subscribing to Singtel’s voice call only plan (3G Classic 100).

On 5 Aug this year, she tried switching to a new smart phone and inserted her SIM card into the new phone. Unknown to her, the data roaming function in the new phone was activated and she ended up using 50MB of data. Singtel is billing her $256.50 for the 50MB of data usage.

After calling up Singtel and explaining the situation, they can only waive off 50% of the bill which amounts to $128.25.

My questions are:

1. How does Singtel justify charging an exorbitant $256.50 for just 50MB of data usage?

2. How can a voice call only plan allows one to use the data plan? A voice call only plan should just be that, voice call only, no data plan.

The elderly and vulnerable should be protected from “technological abuse”, in this case, being charged exorbitant sums for something which she is not even aware of.

I urge Singtel to show a little compassion and waive off the bill completely.

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