Dear All Singapore Stuff,

I saw your post on YMCA childcare increase price after My First Skool hike. The damage was done, my kids childcare The Learning Campus also price hike from 700+ to 900+ after subsidy.

Current full day fee (published rate before subsidy) is $980. The revised few wef January 2016 is $1230. It is a hike of 25%!!!! Private childcare is following suit with hike, if I recall my first skool increment was also around close to 25%? []

Although MFS said they will provide rebate and new rate will apply in July 2016 (I think I read this?). My kids childcare is not following suit with such rebate. MFS is heading and taking lead to prompt private venters to fare hike.

So much so the new fee also impact on gst 7% on published rate (not after subsidy) means we need to pay more in tax regardless of subsidy amount. So much so for encouraging mothers to work. $300 is not sufficient to cover year on year increment on fee.

Concerned Kiddo Mummy
A.S.S. Contributor

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