Dear friends, brothers, sisters, and especially, fellow riders,

I am currently in a huge predicament as I made the stupid mistake of letting a stranger(in fact don’t even do it for ANYONE) COI (carry-on-installment for those not familiar with the term) my Gilera. This ass swipe has not paid for the monthly instalments to Speedway since July, and to avoid myself and my guarantors from being taken to court by Speedway, I had to make the payments. He also hasn’t paid up the balance of $800(out of $1500) upfront cash agreed upon.

He is now REFUSING to give me back the bike and pay up. As clearly stated on the contract, I have the right to repossess the bike from him if notification of default of payment is received, and obviously, this fool thinks he can argue with what’s written in stone. I have staked out at his place and around Singapore many times, to no avail. He claims to work at Tuas. He claims he used to earn $7000/mth but can’t afford paying me/Speedway.

Also, I received 3 letters from LTA stating that he went through ERP gantry without paying.

So on 1 Oct I removed his name as a Sub-Rider, and he still rode the bike without a valid insurance. I have informed LTA, TP, and Speedway of course. I have also made a police report, however police will not take action as it is a breach of agreement. Basically, in street terms, this mo-fo has stolen my bike, but in the eyes of the law. So I will take my bike to court. But for now, I need to physically get the bike back. You guys are free to read the contract and the WhatsApp convo. Sadly, I had more texts from this fag prior to my handphone being STOLEN.

So friends, your mission is to help me look out for this White Gilera ST200 Reg. No. FBF 1208 G. Reward: $100 and teh tarik. Guy stays at Bedok South, supposedly works at Tuas. If you see the guy, follow him to see where he parks and make sure you guys are stationary and safe before dialling me at 9237-4212. Thank you!

Latest Update:

Hi everyone. Thank you for all your kind words and help. I also would like to thank my bros in Motobotz for their help in keeping me safe while acquiring the bike back. Namely, Meindertsma Saladin and the Ma’am, Jay Edrie, AFis Adam and the Ma’am, and lastly Ghaz Ali Glenn(first taxi with V-Tec). As for the rest of the people out there, if there’s any help you’ll need, I will be there for you’ll too, God willing, as how you’ll have been there for me. Thank you so much.

I have gotten the bike back(safely), and she is in rideable condition, though I can feel she’s not in the condition she used to be, but I can’t complain. I’ll be sending her straight to my workshop for evaluation.

Funny thing is, dude installed an aftermarket exhaust. Leovince SBK. He could afford that(second hand is still $5-600!), but he couldn’t pay me or Speedway.

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