Dear all,

Please take note of this Premier taxi number SHD1795S driver Mr Poh. I was picked up together with my less than 2 months old baby, my husband and my sis from the Changi Airport. First of all, he did not help us to load luggage and my stroller, thats fine.

Then he mentioned that the front passenger seat cannot be seated because his charger is there. Next, we asked him to adjust the aircon because it was very hot and my baby started crying.. It was when he asked for me to restrain my baby from crying (as he finds it distracting for him) that i find him utterly ridiculous, so i tried feeding him since it was his feeding time..

He immediately tell me that no food & drinks allowed on taxi. I was so stunned and i started arguing with him because its contradicting & i do not know what he wants. This driver started to call the police and LTA mentioning that he was threatened by me and i was being hostile..

He is totally risking our lives by using his phone, turning his face, having his hands off the steering wheel.. he wasn’t focusing on the road as you can see from the images and missed the exit to PIE. Lastly, he stopped at Nallur road and left us there.

I totally think he is mentally unsound and is a very dangerous driver. So please take note k.

XX Tan

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