I have so much respect for this kid. At the age of 13 he’s already trying his best to support his family. When I was 13, i didn’t know nuts of supporting anyone. He’s willing to put in the extra hard work to get money unlike some people who would rob, steal, cheat or make use of other people’s money.

The market rate for house cleaning services is at least $10 per hour, I just hope no one will take advantage of this kid due to his low rates. I take my hats off to this young kid. May Allah Guide Bless you & your family and give you His Guidance in whatever you do.

To all my friends staying in Woodlands, do give a helping hand & support him!

This is the boy’s sincere online advertisement in full. Support him if you can! Kudos to him for being a hardworking person and pious Muslim.

“I am a 13 year old Muslim boy. I want to help my family financially. So I decided to do that by cleaning people houses in the month of December. Mostly in the Woodlands area. But other areas near Woodlands like Marsiling and Admiralty also can. But meet at interchange because I do not know where is your house. For houses in Woodlands, it depends where you house is. If near to mine there will be no charge.

1 room flat – $10 + travel fee
2 room flat – $15 + travel fee
3 room flat – $20 + travel fee
4 room flat – $20 + travel fee
5 room flat – $25 + travel fee

You can also hire me for other jobs too. Like serve food or drinks and stuff. If have dogs I cannot.”

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