In Singapore we are Multi Cultural and we are a very diverse nation. We might have alot of stereotypes like the Chinese “Ah Beng Kia” or Indian “Makkalz” or Malay “Abang-abang” amongst many others but we accept each other for who we are and we have lived side by side in harmony for just over 50yrs now.

Now what would come to your mind now if I were to mention the Unrecognized self declared nation of “Israel”?

Apartheid? Ethnic cleansing? Genocide?

What has Israel got to do with Singapore you might ask.

Apparently the Israeli Embassy would like to “share” their Israeli culture through film and cinematography and according to the Artsrepublic.sg page

Synopsis: The Israeli Film Festival is a celebration of Israeli culture, with the aim of enriching the Singaporean vision of Israeli culture and society through compelling storytelling and cinematography. Every year, the slate of feature films are selected to provide a diverse reflection of Israel telling stories of a vibrant, conflicted, modern society grappling with issues that audiences throughout the world can relate to. The Israel Film Festival turns 23! We have selected 6 critically acclaimed to be showcased at the festival, just for you. Most of these films are woman-centric, examining the struggles of women from different aspects of life in Israel and around the world.

Have you seen the recent Israeli culture?

A 19yr old Female University Student by the Name of Hadeel Salah al-Hashlamon was shot dead by a well armed well trained Israeli soldier in Hebron.

And before that elderly men and women are beaten up on the streets.

Children are taken off the streets and forcefully dragged out and into Israeli Military Vehicles apparently taken to “prison” and most children are never seen again.

Churches vandalized and some destroyed. Mosques also vandalized and some destroyed. Currently attacking the AL Aqsa mosque and forbidding alot of worshippers into the mosque.


My question is simple. How are they allowed to showcase Israeli propaganda here in Singapore even after the whole world can see what they are doing in Palestine?

How is it that Golden Village cinemas allow such ruthless people to screen their movies here in a Multi Racial Nation?

The Israeli culture and Singaporean culture are world’s apart.

#justice #stopisraelipropaganda

Mikail Sameer Raif
A.S.S. Contributor

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