If you want to behaves as you like … go back to your own country.

In your country, YOU can talk loudly inside the MRT, “crossed” your legs and hold up the rest of the train commuters …

Earlier, ONE Malaysian Chinese wanted to show his attitudes. He had the impression he could talk loudly with his friend, refused to move to the middle part of the train despite the train being overly crowded and later grabbed a seat despite a few women was standing in front of the vacated seat. And the thing that “snapped” my sanity is when he “crossed” his legs in the overly crowded train.

“Without much a do” ….he received a “Lionel Messi” kick from me and a whole load of cursing from me in Hokkien language.

The MF was stunned and TERRIFIED by my “mild manner”.

I “invited” him to step out from the train for “a man to man” talks but he could only blinked his eyes, put down his “crossed legs” and pretend not seeing me.

Singaporean must not be afraid “to correct” bad behaviours among population. Stand up, speak up and things will be much better.

Jafri Basron
A.S.S. Reader

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