Dennis Tan of The Workers’ Party is continuing to work hard for residents even though he was not elected as an MP. This is unlike PAP MPs who were quick to leave their post once they were voted out and seek shelter under the coat tails of big-name Ministers. Will voters give Dennis a chance in GE2020?

“After the GE, I have gone back to help out in the Meet the People Sessions of Show Mao and Faisal in the Paya Lebar and Kaki Bukit divisions of Aljunied GRC.

Yesterday, I also attended the monthly food distribution session at Paya Lebar division of Aljunied GRC in my capacity as a representative of the WP Community Fund (WPCF).

Last night, it was great to see many happy Bedok North residents attending our Aljunied GRC-Kaki Bukit division’s mid-autumn festival event. Like our other mid-autumn festival events elsewhere in Aljunied GRC these two weeks, it was very well attended by residents.

It has been really nice interacting with Aljunied residents in all these events as well as catching up with familiar residents after the GE. I thank all supportive residents for their feedback, encouragement and support. I would encourage all our fellow Aljunied volunteers to continue to improve our services for residents in the coming five years.

I hope to continue serving in Aljunied GRC as well as to continue WP’s outreach in Fengshan. I have been at Fengshan a few times a week, meeting up or chatting with residents, stall holders and shop keepers. I hope to continue to interact freely with residents and in the process get to know more residents and also listening to your feedback. Please feel free to approach me and talk to me or give me any feedback you may have when you see me in Fengshan or, as many of you are already doing, communicate with me online. This communication process is also important for my role as a Non-Constituency MP.”

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