There is no separation of powers in Singapore at all. The Executive has complete & absolute authority over:

(i) key judicial appointments,
(ii) the membership of the Council of Presidential Advisors,
(iii) the issuance of certification of eligibility for Presidential nominations,
(iv) drawing of electoral boundaries,
(v) investment of our past reserves in foreign assets including foreign currencies, bonds, stocks and real estate,
(vi) and complete control over the mainstream media through a combination of majority share stakes as well as appointment of PAP cadres, former PAP MPs, as well as former intelligence personnel from ISD to key positions within SPH.

And even with such lack of separation of powers, the PAP govt has further entrenched its dominance through co-opting all grassroots organizations under the auspices of the People’s Association, whose chief is the PM himself and whose key positions are occupied by PAP cabinet ministers.

This is not the framework for the creation of a healthy and sustainable democracy.

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