Local companies ASUS Singapore Nvidia Singapore are now in hot soup after netizens sounded the alarm over its failure to honour its promise to pick the winner of a quiz contest which both companies had organized.

According to an announcement on its Facebook page, ASUS Singapore would pick one lucky winner who had answered a quiz question correctly on 14th September. The winner would be awarded with computer gaming rig GeForce GTX 950.

Yet on the 14th of September, there were no updates from ASUS Singapore. Shortly after, the post about the quiz was also removed.

When a reader 4urorax checked with ASUS Singapore on the 17th September, ASUS Singapore replied the next day and stated that there might have been a “Facebook glitch”. They reassured him that the company is in the midst of choosing a winner for the quiz.

After receiving no updates from the company, our reader contacted them again but has received no reply for over 2 weeks to date.

What do you think? Will the company fulfill its end of the bargain? Or will it be like an infamous PAP minister and pin all the blame on a Facebook glitch?

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