MHA announced on Wednesday that two Singaporeans have been detained under the ISA for involvement in terrorism activities. Muhammad Shamin Mohamed Sidek (aged 29) and Muhammad Harith Jailani (aged 18) were both detained in August 2015. Investigations revealed that both men harboured intentions of travelling to Syria to join ISIS and engage in violent activities.

Despite being earlier convicted and jailed three months for inciting religious violence through pro-ISIS social media postings, Shamin continued to express support for ISIS during his jail term and was arrested under the ISA. If he was unable to join ISIS, he would join a regional militant group which he considered part of ISIS. He was prepared to die in the course of defending the ISIS Caliphate.

Likewise, 18 year old Harith was radicalised by online ISIS propaganda. He harboured the intention to carry out armed attacks for the terrorist group and was prepared to be trained by ISIS to fight and kill the group’s enemies, and to die in the process so that he would receive divine rewards for dying as a martyr.

MHA said that these detentions underline the “persistent ISIS threat” and the threat posed by self-radicalised Singaporeans

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