As part of our commitment to publish uncensored and citizen-contributed news for all Singaporeans, we sometimes receive emails that make us roll on the ground laughing our heads off. This is one of them. We only have one piece of advice for the owner of S**127*… Don’t be cheapskate, get a hotel room next time!

My wife and I are staying at Block 116C Rivervale Drive, level 8 facing the carpark of Block 117D.

Yesterday, we saw a white Volkswagen car parked at the top floor of the carpark of Block 117D around 10.30pm.

At first, it did not caught our attention. Until we saw a couple coming out from their front seat and switched to the back, the lady is wearing a white dress. After awhile the car started to shake vigorously. We realized what they are doing and think that it is really inappropriate and disgusted as it is still a residential area surrounding by family. This car parked there for an hour and left at around 11.30pm. We believe one of them is staying around our area since they are doing such act here.

We tried to take picture of this car but did not manage to capture any. We only manage to see the car shaking and the white Volkswagen car plate of S**127*.

I hope the authorities will look into this matter as I hope no children or elderly will be affected by this matter.

Anonymous Sengkang Resident

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