An 87 year-old man, who was mowed down by SBS Bus 196 while cycling at a traffic junction near Tao Nan Primary School in Marine Parade, has reportedly died of his injuries in hospital shortly after the accident.

The incident took place at the junction of Marine Crescent and Marine Parade Road on Sunday morning. After the impact of the crash, the elderly man’s lower body was pinned underneath the front of the bus (as shown in pictures).

Although he was conveyed conscious to the hospital, family members informed he later died of complications due to his injuries.

A passenger on the bus recounts that she heard passengers shouting at the bus driver to stop before the accident.

“My friend initially thought there was someone fighting on the bus. But she later realised someone had been knocked down,” said Madam Janet Teo, 65, a housewife. “After the accident, my friend was very scared and quickly left after everyone alighted.”

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) confirmed it received a call at 11.38AM on Sunday and immediately deployed a Red Rhino and an ambulance to the scene. Officers took 5 minutes to extract the victim from under the bus before whisking him off to hospital.

Senior Vice-President of Corporate Communications for SBS Transit Ms Tammy Tan says that the company has been rendering assistance to the family and has been cooperating with police investigations.

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