On 25th January this year, 24 year-old Sebastian Wong Yu Lun Jan 25 died in the most horrendous manner after he slipped and fell in his bathroom. His fall broke the glass panel in his bathroom, resulting in his horrific death as the glass shards from the broken panel impaled Wong in the neck as he fell to the ground, right in front of a frantic girlfriend who was helpless to save him.

In an inquiry into his death in court yesterday, the court heard that car salesman Mr Wong was taking a shower with his girlfriend, Ms L, at her flat at Teban Gardens Road. As he was about to exit the shower room, he slipped, fell and crashed his head through the glass panel, suffering multiple cuts in the process. He landed on the jagged glass shards of the broken panel and was impaled in his throat.

Ms L was shocked to hear the glass panel shatter and rushed in to find Mr Wong Injured and trapped but still conscious. She struggled to free him as her sister dialled emergency services. After she managed to free him, she propped him into a sitting position, dressed herself and used a towel to suppress the bleeding.

However, Mr Wong stopped his struggling and lost consciousness after 5 minutes on the floor. Ms L then performed CPR by giving chest compressions as instructed by a Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) operator as relayed by her sister on the phone.

A paramedic who had arrived at the scene detected a weak pulse and whisked him off to the hospital. Mr Wong was pronounced dead about 40 minutes after the accident.

In his conclusions yesterday, the coroner said: “The nature of the incised wounds was found to be consistent with those caused by sharp, broken glass fragments.” He concluded that Mr Wong had died from an “unfortunate misadventure”.

Forensic investigations into the bathroom glass panel revealed that it was not made of tempered glass, which would have shattered on impact into tinier fragments which were less likely to produce the horrific injuries suffered by Mr Wong.

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