Indonesia gov should not apologised for the haze”-Indonesia’s Vice President Kalla: Was our government also the culprit in the haze problem?

Minister Shanmugam was probably shocked by the remark made by the Indonesian VP. Was the Indonesian VP trying to say that the Singapore government is being hypocritical in their outcry?

The Pope was in the American addressing the congress, pleading with them to curtail the arms supplies that is creating havoc around the world, especially in the middle east. It is a well known fact that billions of arms producers’ monies go to congress to lobby for war. Only in war would they make profit.

Here we are having the same situation where money is thicker than blood. What we have here in Singapore, the whites that represent puritans may be a lie. They had probably deceived us.

For a start look at Wilmar. The picture below showed that George Yeo, the former foreign minister of Singapore, is one of the directors of Wilmar, the world’s largest palm oil trader. They contributed Shocking?!!

When he was the foreign minister, these are the devils he should be fighting in order to help keep Singapore’s air clean, instead he shares the same table with them!

While Singapore’s current Foreign Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam is berating the Indonesians, we have First resources, another big plantation company, which is contributing to the hot spots.

First Resources’ Chairman cum director also sits on the board of Starhub, a company which the major shareholders are government-owned companies. They also have a director who was formerly from Monetary Authority of Singapore and one from Singapore Stock Exchange.

What we have here is the same situation in America where the congress is easily swayed by business lobbyists. Is this a case of you scratch my back, I scratch yours, and we can all laugh our way to be bank? Is Singapore having the same situation?

That is the problem we have – a conflict of interest – when the government is also in business.

Was Jusuf Kalla right in telling the Singapore government off?

Aziz Kasim

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