I have been living in my neighborhood for years. Never seen this Malay family before. It was until recently that I notice them.

The story was like this…

I was in my living room watching TV around 8pm that I start hearing babies crying sound outside. Initially, I thought its was nothing until the sound keep continuing for 2 hours. Feeling annoy I went out to keep a look out what happen. To my surprise, after I open the door, I saw a family of 5 living on the staircase, even with a mattress lying on the floor. (The type of HDB with door leading to the staircase) They totally treat the staircase as their house… I was speechless and ask them how come they are doing this, I even threaten to call the police as they causing a nuisances to others.

They beg me not to and explain they got chase out of their house, with no place to go to. They will just stay put here for a night and will move to relative house the very next day.

Fast forward to next day, I went to check the staircase and found out that they are gone but they left behind a mess. With rubbish everywhere and a nasty smell of don’t what…

And, this seems not like a isolated case… Just nice happen to check with my neighbour, he said that this couple have been doing this shifting and moving for a couple of months in my neighbourhood le. Everytime when someone complain, they will shift to other block or some other level.

What can I do to help this family?

A.S.S. Reader

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