Dear Editors,

My husband and I have approached MP for assistance would give us the greatest chance of success regards our HDB Appeal for purchase flat of New Flat direct from HDB after our sales of current HDB Flat residing at Queenstown.

For our current situation we explained to the MP that my father in law is in unsound mind with multiple illness and cannot look after himself. He is on wheel chairs and cannot walk even for a short distance.

My husband younger brother’s his only sibling just passed away in June 2014. My husband and I currently pay for his father nursing home and medical bills. However, due to our financial constraints, we are unable to afford the increasing costs. We are unable to afford the needed amount to pay for our housing loan instalments and are appealing to HDB to allow us to sell our HDB before the expiry of the MOP.

Nevertheless, the HDB branch office after taking into consideration of our circumstances and been given a special approval to allow us to sell without meeting the 5 year MOP for the flat. Unfortunately the HDB HQ Sales Section mentions that our ground was not strong enough to allow us to apply for a second subsidised flat. So HDB put us on the provisional basis even though we have not met our MOP.

With that we also participate in their balloting exercise held in November 2014 and May 2015 as a second timer but unfortunately it was unsuccessful in both times due to ballot queue position has far exceeded the flat supply, HDB reply “we regret to inform that your application has not been successful”. Hence we were not given any queue number and our application was cancelled.

My husband and I are very upset and disappointed about their service and attitude serve by the officer in charge. Being a home-grown Singaporean, not a single chance is given to us to purchase a new subsided HDB flat from the balloting system.

A.S.S. Contributor

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