Last Friday, I saw an uncle walking along the street near my office without a mask. Although he had received masks from the community Centre, but he forgot to bring it along. Fortunately, i have some in my car, so I passed him one. On my way driving home, I also noticed there are people working out doors without a mask and I wished I have more to give them.

So during the weekend, I decided to buy a box and bring along with me everyday so whenever I come across someone who needs it I can give them one. I may not be able to help solve the big problem, but the least I can do is to help those I cross path with.

Besides helping our fellow Singaporeans, we should also help those tourists who came to visit Singapore during this “HAZY” time. The HAZE have already caused a disappointment to most of the tourists here, so the least we could do is to show them we appreciate their visit and we care for their health too, by offering those who need a mask. Hope they can bring back some good impressions of our Singaporean caring spirit.

If you like this humble idea of mine, do share with your friends and get more people to do this. Post and share a photo of those you offer the masks with if possible to motivate more to do it. Project, “We Mask Care” Thank you for reading this. Meanwhile you take care too.

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