Dear Editors,

The Indonesia maid has been working for me about 6 months. She is very good in acting. Like a normal person just do her job to look after our new born baby girl and housework.

During the weekdays my wife need to sent my 2 years old son to the child care centre and do marketing for the daily need so we leave the maid and the baby at home. We trust her that she will do her job. One Saturday evening we wanted to past her the work permit for her off day the next day but we couldn’t find the work permit and the passport!

When we ask her and she said that her work permit is with her and claim that the passport is with us. After that we decided to search for the passport in our room but we could not find it. The next day the maid go for her off day and we try to search for her passport again but cannot find it than we decide to check our locked drawer to check if our gold and money if is still inside but to our surprise our gold in a bag n cash is missing!!!!

We hope that the maid would come back from off day but she didn’t return to our house by 6 pm that day. That’s when we made a police report. And the police officer did make a check from ICA and say the the maid already left Singapore on that Sunday. This maid is so cunning and deceiving. Beware!

A.S.S. Contributor

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