For more than 4 months, 66 year-old Yeo Choon Lan has had to live with the fear – and stench – of faeces being hurled out of their neighbor’s upstair unit, which have landed with loud “plopping” sounds outside Madam Yeo’s ground floor unit at Block 694, Hougang Street 61.

According to Madam Yeo: “A neighbour upstairs has been throwing faeces from their kitchen and bathroom window. I cannot sleep well at night because I’m afraid that it will enter the room or even break my window.”

Despite informing organizations, including the National Environment Agency (NEA), there has been no respite from this stinking situation.

The problems began in May this year when Madam Yeo first heard loud plopping noises outside her window at 4AM. When she looked out of her bedroom window, she discovered to her horror piles of excrement lying on the pavement outside her unit.

In June, she heard the sound of these faeces bombs at least 3 times a day.

“Excrement has fallen around 20 times (since May). It’s a very foul smell and we are very distressed,” said Madam Yeo, who lives with her husband, 69, and daughter, 40.

She suspects that a 32 year-old woman and her mother, who live on the 3rd storey of the block, are the culprits.

“Once, I saw the mother leaving the toilet shortly after some night soil had fallen,” Madam Yeo said.

Madam Yeo has since filed three police reports between June and September. If charged, the culprit caught throwing faeces can face a fine not exceeding $1,000 under the Environmental Public Health Act.

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