Dear Editors,

I guess we all know that growing up asian, we have really abusive parents right? Has your parents ever called you stupid for not being able to do something? Has your parents ever beat the shit out of you just because you were just trying to fight back for you right? Has your parents ever humiliated you in front of your friends?

WHAT KIND OF PARENTS ARE THESE? What kind of society are we allowing into this world when we are allowing parents to beat and scold their children with such depressing words and call it “discipline”?

This norm really needs to stop in Asia. For parents out there who love abusing their children and then when someone comes along trying to help your child, you act and say that you didn’t do anything wrong, Shame on you and shame on your parents as well. If you think that by continuing the ‘tradition’ of beating up your child and telling them that they’re stupid just because they aren’t able to achieve a certain grade in school or just because they cannot do something up to your expectation will help them ‘improve’ themselves.

Bloody shame on you. Especially Malay parents because they think they can get away with anything just because they say “Oh because my child did this so i have the right”. What kind of bloody society are we in really? We’re in 2015 and we are still having parents like this?

Note to all parents out there; Learn to love your children or don’t love them at all.

A.S.S. Contributor

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