36 year-old foreign worker Chellamuthu Gajendran went to a HDB flat to install a fibre optic cable, but ended up molesting the flat owners’ 12 year-old girl there. For this gross act of outraging the girl’s modesty, the foreign worker was sentenced to 9 months in jail.

According to the court proceedings, Chellamuthu went to the flat ata bout 3PM on 3rd March to carry out the installation. There, he came across the girl, a primary school student, and her younger brother in the flat. The girl was reading a book in the living room.

About 15 minutes into the installation, he asked the girl to show him the way to the toilet. Once there, he hugged the girl and touched her breasts. Shocked and fearful, the victim moved away and did not say anything. She pretended to act normally and continued to read her book, fearing that further resistance might put her or her brother in danger.

However, the predator approached her again and repeated the acts on her, even asking her if she liked what he was doing. It was then that she demanded to know why he had done it to her. Chellamuthu responded that he “could not control himself”.

Ashamed and traumatized, the girl told her parents about the incident the next day via text message as she could not bear to talk about it in person. Her father took her to make a police report that same evening.

Chellamuthu was arrested on 18th March and sentenced last Friday (25th September).

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