Dear all readers of ASS

As a patient, as a customer, how would you feel if people from healthcare, threatened you that if you raised up a bit of your volume they will chase you out, chase money after you like loan shark, when you brought up the issue to the management, the management will protect the staff and put words into your mouth?

Recently my husband and I met this kind of situation. I always thought that people who work under healthcare will provide us their professional services, however, in Yishun Polyclinic, it seems like whatever you done or raised up to the management, management will threaten you and they will stand up for the person even though the person is at fault.

Recently, my husband had serious body infection on his body, therefore he approached Yishun Polyclinic for help and see if they polyclinic is able to refer him to any specialist. However, we had 2 outstanding bills, which is $12plus to settle and we intended to settle one shot once we settle everything. So he went to this polyclinic and he got the doctor’s referral to Tan Tock Seng Hospital, but when he approached the counter staff, this lady name, Nur Iaili Salim, served him. She threatened my husband that he has 2 outstanding amount to settle and if he don’t settle it, she will not help him to book the appointment at any of the hospitals.

So after this incident, the follow-up check up, again, we met this staff, this time round she saw my husband, she did not even ask for any other details like what others did, immediately she just asked for the payment in a rude and threatening ways. Just the same way as how the loan shark asked the money.

Therefore, after these incidents, we brought this matter up to the supervisor in charge name Ailin (if I spelled her name correctly), she did took down all the information, and promised to call me to get back or update me the investigations. However, this unprofessional supervisor did not call me and in fact she went up to my husband to tell him that she had done the investigation. And she just covered her staff up and said that this staff does not remember what happened, and closed a case, without asking the staff to apologize to the patient or get her out to explained the whole situations.

After I emailed the feedback in and of course this email revert back to this unprofessional supervisor and of course this suprervisor did her follow-up with me and again gave an excuse that she thought
she had already spoken to my husband therefore, she do not need to do her follow-up as promise. So next again, she protected her staff who create this problem by telling me that the staff forgot what she said
and what she did. Of course for this kind of excuse, we as patient, as customer, we are not able to accept it. Therefore, the supervisior would like me to suggest the solution to settle this problem.

Well fine enough, I suggested that the since my husband need to do a follow-up with at the polyclinic on 25 September 2015, which is today, I would like to meet the staff and her together. The reason why I
suggested this is because, I believe Polyclinic is all well-trained staff, including the supervisior and the manager. Therefore have a meet-up face to face, is to clarify things better and not go through third-party and if the staff or any party make any mistake, just apologise and move on.

Humans will tend to make mistakes, and once we made any mistake we apologise, and move on. We won’t want to remain at this spot for long. I am referring to the person who made mistake and not the third party to help to apologise. However, this supervisior insisted that she won’t ask her staff to do that as she insist that she is the supervisor and she needs to protect the staff, however i felt that the way she handed this trival matter is very inmature, as this is adult matter and she treat it as children matter. As an adult, once did something wrong, common sense that need to apologise and move on, but instead of doing this, she just protect her staff and show and very obvious the way she protected this staff, is protecting someone special or protecting and friend.

What we want is the person who cause this to step out with her supervisor and clarify this matter and we move on. That simple. however, in disappointment. this supervisor who did not do this part and instead she protected the staff who did something wrong and also threaten that she will chase me out of the polyclinic.

I am very disappointed with this supervisor as well the manager who actually followed the supervisor along during our last meeting, however this manager name Jeff Che, did not do anything including self introduce. He just allowed the supervisor to threaten the patient or customer in this way.

(P.S: I am threatened by this supervisor that she will chase me out if I speak loudly to the counter, my voice is that loud so what am I supposed to do? She did not give me my personally rights.)

Readers of ASS, please bear this in mind that, you are not able to talk in your normal volume or do other things and don’t even think of owing them a single, if not they will chase after you like loan shark or even chased you out of the clinic.

(P.S: They also threaten that if I dare to publish this out to the media, I will need to prepare to get lawyer letter from them)

Thank you

Kelli Chong
A.S.S. Contributor

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