Here are some strange reasons why Singaporeans may have voted for the PAP challenger Charles Chong in Punggol East during GE2015.

#1: Vote for Charles Chong because sinkie remembers him opening the sinkie’s primary school long ago:

“Others also said, ‘When I last saw you, I was a 10-year-old student. You opened my school and I’m now 25 years old.’ That made me feel a bit senior.”

#2: Vote for Charles Chong over Lee Li Lian because he looks like a ‘good man’, is ‘always smiling’ and is ‘big and tall’.

Housewife Tan Cheng Whay, 59, who was seeking help applying for a new flat, said: “He looks like a good man, always smiling. And he is big and tall, so I feel he can protect people.

#3: Vote PAP because one must always thank LKY. Otherwise, women might not be safe at night.

“No matter what, I will vote for PAP. I’m thankful for Lee Kuan Yew. Singapore is very safe. To a woman also. They can go out, 3am, 4am they come back. I have a daughter, very young. Five years old.”

#4 Vote PAP because they made Singapore safe with CCTVs

“PAP has provided us with so many benefits including making the streets safe by installing CCTVs. I will continue supporting them.”

#5 Vote PAP because they want a cleaner estate

“Residents had all sorts of issues to raise, like cleanliness, handrails being ripped off and rubbish collection areas being left open for weeks even after calls to the town council”


A majority of sinkies do not seem concerned about national issues during elections. So why should they be complaining about national issues after elections? Are you appalled at their reasons for voting PAP’s Charles Chong?

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