Dear Editor,

I am a taxi driver. I fetched this guy and lady from Suntec Tower 2 to 112 Katong. But along the way, this guy vomited on my taxi and yet when i drove to caltex petrol station along tanjong katong and demand them to alight, they try to escape. They didn’t pay for their cab fare and punched me in my lower jaw.

I reported to the police on the spot. Ask them to wait for police, yet they tried to run off by flagging another taxi.

To all taxi drivers, please be wary of these 2 persons.

The lady who helped these 2 cowards to book my taxi through GrabTaxi was working at District 10 Bar & Grill. Although when I asked the lady for her co-orperation last night she replied ok, but when I called her the next day she disappeared. Called her mobile but nobody picked up. Even when GrabTaxi tried to contact her, she avoided their calls.

After 36hrs since this incident, the guy coward finally came out of hiding and called me on my mobile number. I am not sure who provided him my mobile number but basically he said he decided to call me and want to talk. For what need to talk, since he never even apologize and go into hiding, Now that the police is involved then got scared want to settle???

The police have caught the 2 of them already… 早知今日何必当初

Nick Ang
A.S.S. Reader

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