Regarding on Nicole L petition i find it absurd and offensive, it’s irrelevant and contradict against my and the islam religion. Let me educate you on why we mass slaughter animals painlessly and effectively thru the nerves at the throat.

1. It is to commemorate one of our prophet loyalty to god.

2. It’s to give mass alms to the needy. Anybody can just take the meat regardless of your religion, i don’t mind giving my share to you even because my prophet Muhammad (pbuh) teaches me this: what you have it’s not yours, it’s what you give is actually yours.

3. Its fresh meat, everybody wants fresh stuff

4. Many animals dies while transporting it’s actually the specific individual company faults, we pay them to bring the animals here and let me highlight to you the well being and accommodation of those animals is solely on the company’s faults while it is on the way to Singapore. One reckless mistake cause many setback And these concludes first part of my point of view.

If Nicole L petition was somehow being approved by logically explanation because she is an activist well as individual normal citizen i too would like arise this concerning issue, Hungry Ghost festival, here are the points and problem that this festival are causing harm to our environment, pest issue, littering issues.

1. Recent local studies show that during this festival air pollution rises up to 60% and this show that how dangerously can burning offerings effect our health. Nanyang Technological University (NTU) scientists have discovered that concentrations of small pollutant particles known as PM2.5 increase during the festival, which runs from Aug 14 to Sept 12 this year. The particles include metallic elements such as lead and tin, and have been linked to health issues, including respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

An analysis of air and rainwater samples between 2009 and last year showed that concentrations of individual PM2.5 elements rose by 18 to 60 per cent during festival months, compared with yearly mean concentrations. And this show it doesn’t pollute the but the rain water too. -this article was taken by the straits times dated 29 August 2015

2. Problem arising from pest issue due to this festival, i would like to point out that during this festival, food offering often being left and this create a food source for pest, this will encourage pest to reproduce. For pest like rodents which causes plague, fleas and other sickness will grow in numbers, flies in other hand will also multiply and cause disease like food poisoning. Birds to have a role in this issue, they damage building and their dropping has acidic which destroy cars paintwork. You can ask any pest control specialists what is the best cause of action taken their answer is simple: eliminate the source of food. It means no food to offer no food encourage pest for eating

3. Littering issue also causes the problem here, imaging your uncle or auntie, pakcik or makcik has to work ten times harder to clean all those offering paper and ashes. Its tarnish singapore name as green, clean city because every morning you wake up and see offering paper everywhere. Pity those Bangladeshi worker. And you can see burning patch on the grass and floor, although burning bin have been provided, Well thats conclude my petition, hope you look into Nicole L petition.

I can tolerate and so does the malay community, but don’t take our generosity as weakness, we can tolerate nonsense but not to our religion. I will bring down my petition as long as the other party is willing to step down, sorry to all those Chinese, its the environment we taking about and causes green house effect. And once again, we can tolerate can u??

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