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I have the same sentiment or maybe i strongly agree with the story shared by Wai Choong the other day. I would like to share on my part while i was working for Deutsche Bank few years back. I was the IT support engineer supporting few levels of the floor for Deutsche Bank consist of all departments. What i am really frustrated working there is working with the Pinoy and Indian FTs too. Most of the department that i liaise with, most of them are from the application team, callcentre and the Notes team.

This FTs are lazy. Always went missing for 30 mins to 1 hour everyday during working hours going for coffee break. They are good in pushing the jobs to the on-site engineers blaming the problems on the desktop or workstation. Any issues will be reply with the machine being a slow processors even though we have the highest specs HP can provide.

Another normal process in the bank is that once any locals or one of their team resigned, it will always be replace by another indian whom is from the managers friends or relative. Unfortunately Deutsche Bank support outsourcing and not surprisingly takes another HCL, an indian company to be their support company. The process is also followed by the company Audio Visual department. Most of the staff are the pinoys and if any of their staff resigns, the manager who is a pinoy, will automatically get another pinoy. A very disgusting place to work in.

Most of this bumps are aggressive. Will scolds you even when they are in the wrong. It is just unfortunate the locals have been bullied in this company. I really hope this jokers return to their country for good. Not sure how they are able to get the Senior position there as their conversation in English are surprisingly worst than mine. There are post on facebook few years back by a pinoy and an indian working there showing hatred towards the local here. Just unfortunate they will be here as long as the MOM are lenient in their checks with the company.

Ben W
A.S.S. Contributor

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