Dear A.S.S,

This car has been parked at my carpark for 2 consecutive days in the Pickup/Alighting area at Blk 148A Mei Ling Street.

At approximately 11am on 24/9/2015, I already heard a lady who was parked next to my car call HDB to send an enforcement officer. When I returned that evening, the car was still there without a parking ticket and another man was standing next to the car calling HDB to make a complaint.

Today 25/09/2015, the car was still there at 1pm but with a parking ticket. Attached is the photo of the car in the parking lot with the sign above and the original ticket that has been placed on the windscreen by the enforcement officer. If you noticed, the fine is supposed to be $400, but the fine was given at $50.

This carpark is very narrow and has no lift on its 10 levels, hence the 2 lots allocated as the pickup/alighting area to allow cars to pickup their elderly and young children.

I just wonder why HDB doesn’t stick to what they write on this board to send a clear to this driver and all other drivers that they mean business when they put up a sign at a designated area. Yes, I have wrote an email to the HDB Enforcement office and am awaiting a reply about this difference.

Ms Tan
A.S.S. Contributor

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