In the latest HSBC Expat Explorer poll, Singapore has been given the dubious honour of being one of the best places in the world to live and work for expatriates. Respondents said that Singapore offered the right balance of career opportunities, lifestyles, as well as a stable economy.

The poll sought the views of 21,950 individuals from 39 countries and asked them to rank countries based on career prospects, financial well being, quality of life and ease of settling for partners and children as expatriates.

Singapore beat all other countries in terms of expatriates’ confidence for the country’s economy, with 79% of expatriates expressing confidence in Singapore’s economic fortunes.

They also found Singapore welcoming for entrepreneurs starting businesses abroad,

59% of respondents believed Singapore is a good place for career advancements and 53% felt that they were able to acquire new skills more so in Singapore than at home.

According to 67% of respondents, Singapore also offered a better quality of life and 65% of these respondents acknowledged that their children’s health and well being had improved since they have moved to Singapore.

85% say that education is more expensive but 66% believe that the quality of education in Singapore is better than in their home country.

63% believe it is easy to set up and manage finances and health care in Singapore, while 75% say their social life is just as active or more so than in their home country. 57% say it is easy to adapt to local culture and lifestyle.

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