Dear Editors,

This is the efficiency in Singapore. The lift at my block was down at 12pm, just returned from market with my husband who uses a mobility scooter because he cant walk.

I called EMS to report & waited for one hour no one turned up. I called a second time was told that technician on the way but waited one hour still no technician turns up. I called up only to be told that the lift cannot be repaired hence my husband can wait till they inform Pasir Ris town council about this.

Meanwhile my husband is still at level one, finally the technician arrives a foreigner. He said he took so long because he had to take a bus!!! He spends 1 hour plus finally says driver spoil needs to go buy one I assumed he took the bus again for all this my husband is still downstairs. The guy is not back with the driver, the lift is still stalled, my husband had to sit up 4 flights of stairs to reach home.

Its been 4 hours, EMS pushes to town council and vice versa but nothing done! Call centre operators cant speak properly just keep repeating like parrots what they have been trained to talk.

So we paying lift maintenance for??? Not only that another technician.arrives only to say its not his lift only town council informed him to come and he goes off. Its 4pm and the guy with the driver is not back, probably waiting for bus!!!!

Arleen J S
A.S.S. Contributor

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