Dear Editors,

I was working in a florist shop and there is this Filipino couple ( Danilo and Juliet ) which was working in the same place . Danilo left the company year 2013 and while the cleaner was clearing his drawer in year 2014, it was only that i discover that the wife was working in the florist shop without a Letter of employment from MOM which MOM also confirm that this lady is on Long Term Visit Pass which is illegal .

But too bad , they left Singapore which MOM is unable to do anything. Early 2015 , Juliet came back Singapore for holiday and visit our shop which i tipped off to MOM by giving them the address of where she stay . Nothing happen as we have a farewell meal with her and she flew back to United States. Keep questioning why MOM did not do anything which they can even banned them from entering Singapore , MOM reply was they cannot share information and they are doing something. After which they never update this incident anymore .

Last Friday , Danilo flew back to Singapore and visit the shop . I drop a email to MOM again and no respond back from them . Given the address of where Danilo is staying . I was thinking , if MOM is not responding , how would we know whether Juliet is working legally or illegally. If Juliet is working illegally , action should be taken and serve a warning to those whom is doing the same thing here in Singapore which i believe there is.

Vivian Ang
A.S.S. Contributor

Below the corresponding email

” Quote ”

Hi MOM ,

I am not sure whether MOM is doing anything about this . I am informing you that the husband of Juliet , Mr danilo is back in singapore and currently staying Blk XXX compassvale lane S5xxxxx . Danilo was the one who is working in prince flower shop and later stage intoduce her wife juliet to work there without LOE. You can contact her daughter at 8XXXXXXX .

Attaching their document in case MOM has forgotten on this case

For the interest of Singaporeans , please investigate and will highlight to PM Office if nothing is done here .

Vivian Ang

Hi Adeline,

Just to update you that Juliet is back in Singapore. Not sure whether she came back for how long as she never mention.

Dear Vivian

We refer to your email dated 02/03/2015.

Based on our records, there is no application submitted for FIN: G1037681K to us.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Tan Mixue (Miss)

Executive, Customer Operations

Work Pass Division . Ministry of Manpower.


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