Being reading the article on your website regarding social escort agency
using client personal data for black mailing purposes. I recall my experience
and is able to empathise and relate to my previous experience.

I was sentenced to 3 months jail for having sex with an underage prostitute a
few years ago. Through friend contacts, I get to know this man known as
Marcus Tang. I contacted him to engage services of working ladies. At that
point in time, I don’t know whether engaging services of prostitute is legal
or not, I also didn’t know about having sex with female under 18 years old is
illegal. Most importantly, I did not know there’s a need to keep or protect
my personal information like HP num and my name from this pimp, later it will
prove very costly and painfully lesson for me.

The appointment was set and I went to hotel room to meet the girl. Honestly,
the girl really looked like a 20 years old plus women to me and it never
cross my mind that she was under 18 years old. Because of my lack of social
experience, I did not check her IC to verify her age. Well, that day happened
to be the greatest mistake of my entire life. A few months down the road, I
was call up for investigation by the police. Apparently, police had raided
the entire prostitute ring and pimp was arrested. He gave up all his clients
information for clemency from the state’s prosecution , I am one of them with
several prominent figures in the society and there’s a school principal.
After a few weeks of police interviews, they decided to charged all of us
with having sex with an underage prostitute and the high profile case was
immediately leaked to the main stream media.

During the period of the trial, it was a total nightmare for me. The pictures
of me appearing in court was flashed in the front page news at a time. I
think the Principal, UBS Banker and myself were in the limelight while the
rest were still ok. I just married my wife the year before and she was dead
furious about this, it took me years to amend our relationship. But
eventually, I’m gratefully I managed to salvage our relations. My wife is my
most precious gift in life, losing her will devastate me completely. My
office is located at Raffles City, every time I went for smoking or tea
breaks. I always have this fear of people recognizing me in the lift, smoking
area………….. I knew some did, judging from their expressions. I lived
in daily embarrassments during that period. At the personal level, I felt I
brought shame to my family’s legacy. That period was worst than a bad horror
movie. At the end of the trial, I was sentenced to 3 months jail and I served
the jail term immediately. I can’t say I’m happy to be staying in a prison
but it bought temporary relief to the intense pressure I had to faced
outside. Prison life isn’t cool but it’s aren’t so bad for white collar crime
prisoners like myself. The only thing I hate was I had to drink water from
the toilet bowl to prevent myself from going dehydration because we were
locked up 20 hours in the cell and there’s no water cooler or tap in a cell.
After I came out of prison, I continue to repair my relationships with my
family and my creditability till the present moment.

My intention to share my story was to warn others about the risks and dangers
of engaging the services of social escort and surrendering your personal
information to these people. For my case, it’s not their original intention
to harm me with my information but who knows what they will do when they are
caught by the police.

A.S.S. Contributor

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