I saw your story on how a rat at their premises was ignored by Giant supermarket staff at Yishun. I have encountered bad hygiene conditions such as centipedes, flies, bee, other insects found at the premises and spoilt food items being sold at Giant located at Ang Mo Kio and have been informing NEA on this matter for the past two years.

Initially NEA claimed that they are taking this matter seriously but for the past few months, NEA has refused to take my complains seriously and told me that I should speak to Giant’s management directly on my concerns. I have spoken to Giant’s management before but they don’t seem too bothered about the lack of hygiene as when I return back to the store, I always see the same issues. I even tried speaking to the senior management of NEA and writing in to REACH to find out why NEA is not taking actions but NEA just don’t not want to clarify this matter thus I wonder why is NEA only acting as a middle man passing my complains to Giant instead of ensuring that they investigate and make sure that the public’s health is not endangered.

A.S.S. Contributor

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