It appears that the Singapore government is at it again. 
Shortly after awarding itself the "HDB (Housing Development Board) Design Award" earlier this year, the [email protected] project, which comprises five 40- to 43-storey high residential blocks located next to the Alexandra Canal Linear Park, has become the next embarrassing HDB project to be plagued by design faults as the growing number of residents complaints in the estate's Facebook community page seems to suggest.
SkyTerrace was developed as part of the Housing-in-the-Park concept under the Housing & Development Board's "Remaking Our Heartland" plans for the Dawson estate. Besides being located within a green park-like setting, SkyTerrace's features include multi-generational loft units, where two-level four-room or five-room units are paired with studio apartments to allow younger families to live beside their parents. Each unit has its own distinct entrance, with a door that connects the two units.
Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong had even praised the project in his National Day Rally speech this year. "We said we would build more beautiful homes that Singaporeans could afford, and we did. This is Punggol 21. This is the view from Dawson, I think it is taken from the air terrace, I went up to take a look."
Self-congratulations aside, residents who have just received the keys to their new units at the start of this month are already compiling a list of flaws that they noticed in their HDB units. A list of their complaints found on their public Facebook page are:
– Higher conservancy charges 
– Poor workmanship on doors/paint
– Hollow skirting
– Public access to their sky garden
A sample of their complaints here:
The most damning evidence that all is not well at the SkyTerrace can be seen in this video published on A.S.S. Facebook page:
A suggestion? Perhaps government agencies should spend less time giving awarding themselves for their own work and more time on attending to residents' complaints from now on.

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